"Nexstgo is committed to bringing an unparalleled technological experience to modern corporate leaders with the motto" Reflecting the difference and achieving impossible tasks ". We are not willing to stick to the rules, continue to overcome the challenges of the functional, technical and aesthetic categories, and present people-oriented product design solutions.

Nexstgo was co-founded by Mr. Wilson Leung and Mr. Alex Chung, Chief Executive Officer of Aigao Group Co., Ltd. (0328) in 2016. The two people use technological innovation as the common concept, and they have the courage to break through the inherent thinking and develop the boundless technology field for customers from all walks of life Bring high-quality solutions. The pursuit of excellence and the promotion of the development of innovative science and technology has always been our goal, and it is also the business philosophy of Nexstgo.

Let us go beyond traditional boundaries and subvert the future technological world. "

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We are NEXSTGO, and
we are proud of our peers and accomplish difficult tasks.

Nexstgo is a global start-up company that has the courage to innovate intrinsic thinking and open up the boundless technology field. From the design of personal computer products and the Internet of Things, to smart home, artificial intelligence and enterprise system solutions, we care about customer needs. Nexstgo focuses on reshaping the market structure and creating new value for users.


  • Use creative power to promote product innovation and explore unknown possibilities.
  • We break through technological boundaries and build the future through innovative ideas. Any imagination that runs wild, there are opportunities for realization.


  • Create a rich user experience and integrate innovative technology into life.
  • We create smart products for our customers, present the most unique and excellent software and hardware technologies, and lead them to experience the creative life of a far-reaching experience.




The Nexstgo Design Center is located in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan.

The Nexstgo Design Center is set up to perfect its technology products, specializing in efficient and accurate technology research and development and testing, bringing ingenious design to life. Through the establishment of a unique R & D system and the full play of the creative team, we hope to fulfill our social responsibility on the basis of customer-first and forward-looking design while practicing the ideals of science and technology; providing reliable safety and Quality assurance also contributes to environmental protection.